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There are many internet business ideas. The one obvious is to sell something on the net. Get a web site and sell a product or a service. Taking payment is easier now using such payment methods like PayPal. With paypal you can take payment from customers who want to use their credit card. It could be costly to get a credit card merchant account. There are many products to sell. A good one would be one that has a high profit margin. Also, with the cost of promotion you would want to make a good dollar amount on each sale. In other words, if you are selling a product for just one dollar and even if your profit margin in high like 50 percent you will only be making 50 cents per sale. If you have to send the product out by mail, it would quickly not seem worth it. If you're making a large amount on each sale you are more than likely to be profitable and it would be worth the time to package and mail. The mailing postage and packaging expense make low priced ideas almost impossible to make a profit. Although you would likely at shipping price to a sale.  
Usually someone has an product that they want to sell before thinking of getting a web site. However if you're like most people that want to make money on the net you're aren't into something already. Instead you're thinking of ideas to make money on the net. And, oh boy, there are many ideas for the net. Some have been crazy and people failed trying. The internet was new and people didn't know what it was about. It was like a bunch of people landing on a foreign island years ago not knowing what to find. They didn't know what dangers loom ahead but they moved forward usually gripping a sword worrying about some creature that would meet them.
With the internet few people have experience. The idea that you have to make money on the internet may be a great idea. I'm sure the first to run an advertising business by selling banner ads didn't know if it would succeed. The interesting think is that that first internet advertising businesses didn't last long. They would sell banner ads for as much as $20 or even more. They could easily share at least 50 percent with the web site owners to place the ads. It didn't take long till this model of advertising didn't work any more. In came and Overture that began selling ads based on the number of clicks and known as cpc instead of the number of ads displayed. This is better because the advertiser can see the amount of traffic they get to their web site for the advertising budget they have. They set prices by the amount the advertiser wants to spend to get one click or visitor to their web site.

There are many that try to beat the competition at their own game. If a internet business succeeds others will try to refine it and do it a little different. Take adblox for example. They have a very good system that uses the successful internet business google has and worked in a few new ideas that can make it a success. They take ads like google but with adblox you can also trade ads to gain traffic to your site. It isn't know how successful they will be or if they will be able to compete with the established google but you have to be impressed by their attempt.

These internet advertising companies are a great way to gain traffic to your site or even make money on your site. You will be needing them to make your internet business a success. Work with the successful ones, they have the traffic or can get you the traffic to make your internet business a success. It may not make sense to try to compete with these big boys whom have large multi-million dollar budgets. You will likely want to find your own niche that you can exploit for internet profits. The world wide web is called that because it's world wide but that also means a world of opportunity and world of ideas.
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