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There is a way to make money with what you already know. Leaning new things can take time and to become an expert takes years of experience. You likely have years of experience on many subjects already. Throughout your life you learned things and gain knowledge through your experiences. The last few years alone you probably learned many things. When you buy something or remodel your house or one room, you did a lot of research and became knowledgeable about it. You may have experience dealing with medical conditions that you or others in your family have and you became knowledgeable about the medical problems faced and how to deal with it. There are also hobbies that you like most people have. Maybe long ago you had a hobby and still remember how you enjoyed it and all you did with the hobby. On your job, or a past job, you likely learned much. You are likely an expert in some field even if it doesn't sound like a huge or important expertise, you have gained valuable knowledge on many subjects.
What you learned and have knowledge of can make you money! You have expertise that others would like to learn from you. With the internet you can offer the knowledge to others. People search all kinds of things. They are looking to find out how to do things, opinions and want to know what others know about all kinds of subjects. You can take advantage of what you know by making it available on a web site, your web site. When people do searches your site may very well be found. The best part is that search engines search for information on subjects people search. That's exactly what search engines do, look for information you are offering. 
Take the information you have, knowledge you already have in your mind and write it down. When you make your web site, put the written text on a page along with ads from Google adsense. You can also find other ads from Linkshare and Commission Junction and others. Do some searching yourself to find other web sites that can be helpful to your viewers that find your site. Post those links on your site. The Google ads will also offer more information and that is where you make your money when someone clicks the link ads. There are some that will sell you already made text of information to put on your site but it's not unique, and therefore not good. You want unique information, information that you know about the subjects of your choice. Your unique experiences are a point of view, opinion and expertise others are interested to learn. You are providing a service, information service, and you get paid for it by running ads on your site. It's one of the most respectable ways to make money on the internet. You're not selling anything and you have something of value that others want and you are offering. You aren't even charging for it but are making money from your knowledge. If you think about it, books are offers of knowledge that the author is selling. Yes, you can write a book and sell it also. Selling a book is much more involved and you would need more than a few pages on the subject. Also, books aren't easy to sell. Few make much money for their hard work selling a book. With the internet and your own web site you can write about your unique knowledge on one page or more, in the size of an article.
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Make money with what you know.
So think about some things you know and profit from it. You may very well be surprised by all that you already know and how much you can write about it. Others will learn from you and will be very happy that they found your web site to gain knowledge they were searching for. 
Starting your internet business!
Ideas for your internet business
Using PayPal is good idea for business
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Click Bank affiliate marketing
Starting your internet business!
Ideas for your internet business
Starting your internet business! Ideas for your internet business Make money with what you know. Using PayPal is good idea for business. Big Money Pro, internet business opportunities. Big Money Pro continued Click Bank Affiliate Make money with Google Adsense! Internet Shopping Business - Sell on the Net
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