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What idea do you have for your internet business? You probably have one or two to begin with. Over time you will have more ideas, you will refine some or put two or more together to make it better. The ideas for the internet flow like water once you start thinking of them. If you would like to sell a product you can get products you can sell online. There are many places to buy wholesale. There is certain problems you will need to deal with including where do you put your inventory and how much should you stock. If you are like others the cost of holding supply that you aren't sure you will sell is money you don't want to part with if you even have it to begin with. I always look at it is, if you have money to throw around you probably have money and don't need to go in business, Those that most need to go in business is someone that needs to make money or you want to get ahead and the idea of throwing money around isn't what you had in mind. To have a large enough inventory for what you may end up selling is difficult to handle and even more so if there are many different types like color or sizes of you products you are offering.
There is a solution for the inventory problem. That is affiliate marketing. If you want to start a shopping style internet business you can use affiliate marketing. An internet shopping business is a good internet business to get started with. With affiliates you don't need to have an inventory and if you are like most the thought of mailing out the merchandise that was bought  to your customers is not something you look forward to. But don't let that stop you from being an internet success. Stores likes Staples has packaging products to make your mailing an easier time. UPS and other product mail handling services can be a big help.
It's easy to get an affiliate marketing account and it's free. The largest is Linkshare another is commission junction who bought out befree There are others that give high percents but they are less known and the companies that deal with them are less known. That doesn't mean they aren't good. You may want to start with the big guys for you web site and start selling. Remember it takes time to learn what to do and what works. Even if you have a product to sell online it is wise and no cost to you to take a look at the affiliate businesses and put some of their links on you site. With almost any internet business idea you can use affiliates to make some extra money. You will also learn a lot and some offer their help. One company gave me ideas and offered more help. I took advantage by asking them some things I didn't know. Some of the companies have information on how to sell their products. The ways to sell on the internet work for most anything you sell. You can gain valuable information and it's all free. 

As you may have guessed there are many doing affiliate marketing already. Thousands of people have gotten into this internet affiliate business. The cost of a web site is very low. You can get one from Homestead Use the link below to homestead and see the offering they have. Their web publisher is great. It allows you to great web sites as you want without a lot of knowledge on web making. Homestead helps you to and has an easy to look-up how to section. There are many others that charge by the month at very reasonable rates, often at $10 a month. Because it's so cheap many have gone in the business to make some extra money but like most businesses not all can be very successful. It's takes hard work and new ideas to beat the crowd. By starting with affiliate marketing it can be a start to your internet business. You will keep coming up with more ideas to make money on the internet but it's important to get started with at least one idea. An idea that doesn't cost much is a good way to start. You can't lose much and you will gain valuable knowledge for your better ideas to come.
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